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City Abode

Here’s my latest home. It is a modern that features¬†dining and living rooms, an artist’s den, inventor’s hideaway, laundry, family room, garage, organic garden, private balconies and large pool. The home is playtested and contains NO CC or CAP. Hope you like it. It’s the first home I’ve made using such a dark color scheme. Don’t worry, the lighting is good, so your sims will look good in the house.¬† On with the tour!



  • Beds/Baths: 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms
  • Location: 64 Queensbury Road, Bridgeport (40X40)
  • No CC
  • Store Content: Yes (see list at bottom of the picture tour)
  • Major Eps & SPs used: Late Night, Into the Future, Pets, World Adventures, University, Ambitions, Island Paradise, Seasons, Diesel Stuff.
  • Minor Eps & SPs: Outdoor Living Stuff= 2 table decorations; Townlife Stuff=ionu spotlight, towel; Fast Lane Stuff= toolbox, garage table and decor, Supernatural=rug, Showtime=bar, dominoe table.

Thank you so much for taking the tour!

Store Items:

Collectionne Stancke: Symmetry Seater, Stancke Stacked bookshelf, A-Simetry Portal, Bed Barthelme

BahHaus: La-di-da Windows by BauHaus, BauHaus Window, Abstract by BauHaus

Sun, Surf & Sand: Tropical Fruit Bowel, Pineapple Pottery

Bayside: Practical Al’s Kitchen Cart, Lightbulb Sconce

Bayside Laundry: Bayside Hamper

Ultra Lounge: Cullinary Dreams Counter Island, Grove Cone Ceiling Lamp, Two Arm Floor Lamp, Tropical Leaves of Repose plant, Double Frame Photo

Midcentury kitchen & Dining: Pocket Plant, Retro and Ripe Fruit Bowel, Wooden Block Knife Stock

Gothic Glamour Home Office: Agoraphobics Angst double door

Mediterranean Life kitchen: Vineyard Vittles shelf

Frontier Finds: Cast Iron Skillet wall sculpture

Asian Fusion: Potted Bamboo Glory

Itadakimasu Japanese Inspired Dining: Zen Garden Lamp

Muse Luxury: Athena’s Olive Tree

Zen Again: Spa Necessities

Contemporary Comfort Living: Slate Slab Lamp

Safari Living: Table Top Baobab

Brunch at the Old Mill: Tools of the Trade

Ambitions Registration Reward set (Ultimate Career Bundle): Claw Dipper