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Happy First day of summer everyone! The summer solstice is here. Anyway, here is my latest lot, a modern with a unique atmosphere. The home is inspired by two of my most favorite modern homes on the sims 3 exchange: SimEve’s Scenic Sanctum and Moonstruck1’s Intrinsic.

It’s like living in the outdoors–only not! It’s so futuristic–yet, it has a primitive rustic quality.  This home features an open floor plan with a pool, balcony, hot tub, laundry, living and dining rooms. This home Playtested, No CC or CAP. Hope you like!



  • Beds/Baths: 3 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms
  • Location: 455 Sunnyside Blvd., Sunset Valley (40X40)
  • No CC
  • Store Content: Yes (see list at bottom of the picture tour)
  • Major Eps & SPs used: Into the Future, World Adventures, Late Night, Showtime, Pets, High End Loft Stuff, Townlife Stuff.
  • Minor Eps & SPs: University=desk chair, Diesel=desk lamp, Island Paradise=1 plant, Ambitions=knives & laundry room décor. The exchange lists Seasons as being used, but no items from seasons were actually used. I think it is listed because I forgot to have my sim go pick the flowers from the yard before I exported the lot. Anyway, at least I don’t remember using anything from Seasons.

Thanks for taking the tour!

Store content: All items listed on the exchange are correct except for the fact that it doesn’t list Roaring Heights.

Roaring Heights World: Humble Hedge. I chose to go with this hedge because it is the best of all Sims 3 hedges and fits the house best. If you don’t have Roaring Heights, I recommend the tall hedge from the base game. The Into the Future hedge is a little too low and the wrong color of green for the house.

Ultra lounge: “Best for Chefs” dishwasher

Jazz Age: He’s a live wire radio

Collectionne Stancke:Perpetual Long Ceiling Lamp, Simetry Seater

Mediterranean Life: Aunt Angela’s Cast Iron Cookery, Vineyard Vittles Shelf

Haute Hip: Haute Hip Ceiling Light

Luxury Spa: Polished Pebbles Mirror, Pillars of Lamp Light

Loads of Laundry: Bayside Hamper

Itadakimasu Japanese inspired dining: Haiku of the Lotus Wall Sculpture

Bayside Set: Brassworks Torchiere

Sun, Surf & Sand: Pineapple Pottery

Zen Again: Reach for the Heavens flowers