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The Ziggurat- Art Deco Theatre

Happy Spring time All! So, this is my latest build. This theatre is specially made for the Sims International Film Festival (See what its all about: ) to serve as a Red Carpet Venue for the event.

The exterior décor of the building is inspired by the beautiful Art Deco style of Theatre des Champs-Elysees. Sims who come to the Ziggurat will enjoy, a serviced concession stand, screening room, a green room, and if they’re famous enough, two television studios where they can promote their latest film. Playtested, No CC or CAP. Hope you like!



  • Beds/Baths: N/A – Community Lot
  • Location: 46 Collins Street, Roaring Heights (the Deco Groceries lot, 40X40))
  • No CC
  • Store Content: Yes (see list at bottom of the picture tour)
  • Major Eps & SPs used: World Adventures, Late Night, Ambitions, Island Paradise, Seasons, Showtime, University and Pets.
  • Minor Eps & SPs: Master Suite Stuff= 1 plant, Town Life Stuff (recommended)= Ionu Spotlight.

Store content: All items listed on the exchange are correct except for the fact that it doesn’t list Roaring Heights.

Roaring Heights World: Municipal Wall Column, Arc of the World Bay Window, Grande Entrance Double Door, Understated Fence, Sunburst Skylight, Fruitless Palm Tree, 2 wallpapers, Ritzy Halls Wall Tile, Dapper Drapes Curtains, Retro Wall Art, Planted Palm Tree, Decadent Floor Lamp, Decadent Table Lamp, Decadent Wall Lamp, Stately Sectional Sofa.

Le Cinema Plumbob: Screen 1 Door, Large as Life Movie Screen, Theater Seating, Movie Theater Aisle, Current Offerings Sign.

Jazz Age Living Room: Real McCoy Barstool, Hitting on all Sixes Chair, Carry a Torch for Me Mirror, Ritzy Taste Coffee Table (under build/buy comfort and décor categories).

Live, Laugh, Love: Ancient Warriors Frieze (under build/buy décor category)

Muse Luxury: Artemis Temple Frieze (under build/buydécor category)

Gothic Glamour Living Room: Textophobia Taunts Wall Sculpture (under build/buy décor category)

Ginchiest Sink (under build/buy plumbing category)
New Years Nectar- Free item/ holiday gift (under Sets holidays & gifts category)