Petalbot's Builds

Chateau du Bellevue

A French grand chateau is the latest build that I have to share. I’ve been wanting to build this home ever since the Place of Versailles set was released in the store…I finally got around to it. The home is built in Monte Vista and is decorated in Parisian/contemporary Baroque style. It features a living room, family room, dining room, bar room, study & laundry room. Sims will also enjoy an art studio, music room, orangerie & pool. The home is playtested and contains NO CC or CAP. I hope you like it! Now on to the tour.



  • Beds/Baths: 3 beds, 4 baths
  • Location: 80 Desdamona Drive, Monte Vista (the Modena lot, 40X40)
  • No CC
  • Store Content: Yes (see list at bottom of the picture tour)
  • Major Eps & SPs used: Ambitions, Island Paradise, Late Night, Pets, World Adventures, Supernatural & Outdoor Living Stuff
  • Minor Eps & SPs: Into the Future=Holly trees, Seasons= flower picture, Generations= Shelf; Frilly Framed Picture; vase of flowers, University= Painting tarps; paint brush can, Town Life Stuff= Foliobit 791a laptop computer

Store Items: (note the exchange has one item wrong- the curtains from the Storybook set were not used. Only the Morris curtain was used. The exchange also doesn’t include items from worlds or the Greenhouse:

Monte Vista world: Lucia’s arch; Alessandro’s double doors; The Bravo Bistro dining chair

Palace of Versailles: Fin end table; Quelle Heure Clock; Candle Makers Delight wall sconce; Already Baroque table; Versailles Mirror; Fit for a King Seat; Antiquated Correspondence Desk; Renaissance bookshelf; Palace Doors; Advisor to the King chess table

Storybook: Once Upon a Glowy Glow Glowlamp ceiling light; Romantique Chaise Chair; Superlative Sofa; Divine Divan; Romantique Overstuffed Armchair; Brass Candelabrum; Octagonal End Table

Regal Living: Victorian Double Window; Window of all Knowing window; Estate Fence; Victorious Coffee Table; Eleanor Chaise Lounge chair; Morris Curtain; Victorian Kerosene wall lamp; Mirror of truth

Provence: Chair Al Fresco; Surface Al Fresco table; Rustic Loaf Box; Rustic Hanging Basket; Foyer Frills table; Moelleux Living Chair; Pastoral Reflections Mirror

Stones Throw Greenhouse
: Glass pieces and windows
Glitter & Glam Bedroom: Lovely Luminosity table lamp; Love to love you love lounge loveseat.
Romanza Ceremony + Reception: Bridal Bouquet; Wall flower; Flower tower
Jazz Age Living Room: Real McCoy Barstool; He’s a Live Wire Radio
Zen Again: Spa Necessities bench; Reach for the Heavens Table Blossoms
Farm Fresh Folk Set: George and Harriet wall picture; They Don’t Builde ‘em Like They Used to End Table
Haute Hacienda Dining Room: Cantina Candelabra
Asian Fusion: Potten Bamboo Glory
Edwardian Kitchen: Lush Bloom Lily Vase
Love, Love, Laugh: Fresh from the Garden Bouquet
Mediterranean Life Kitchen: Vineyard Vittles Shelf
Once Upon a Time cottage: Porridge Prep Wall Shelf
Mid-Century Modern Dining and Style: Plant Pocket
Hacienda Luxury: Pedro Estate Arch II
The Sims Celebrations (free set under Holidays & Gifts): Beautiful Forrest by Pigula Photography
Contemporary Comfort Bedroom: Berkeley Hope Chest
Bayside Laundry: Bayside Hamper
Old Town Starter Kit: Bayou Shutters
Midnight Hollow world: Funhouse Roof Décor (I don’t usually like to combine content from different worlds since it is exclusive, but in this case I made an exception. This item was a finishing detail for this home. Not having Midnight Hollow will not impact the look of the home; it was just to give the fencing on the roof a little more impact).